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These Blog Articles are written to help share our experience with our community when it comes to Automotive Paint Correction. We get a lot of questions from our current customers who want to understand what Paint Correction is and how it can help them restore the paint of their vehicles. There are 4 Levels of Paint Correction from Paint Enhancement which removes fine scratches and restores the shine of the paint to Extensive Paint Correction which involves having to Wet Sand the Clear Coat to remove excessive Scratches,  Swirl Marks, Bird Dropping Etching and other imperfections.

Welcome to our Car Detailing Blog where we share Detailing Tips with our community. We provide news, how-to and other interesting topics. We will be answering some of your questions with these articles. So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and ask us whatever you want.

The Top 5 Things That Affect Your Car’s Resale Value

Many of our customers are often surprised to find out what they get offered for their vehicles. Whether they are selling it through a private …

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How To Disinfect Your Car’s Interior Without Causing Damage

We have been asked. What’s the best way to disinfect a vehicle’s interior without lowering its value. So we decided to write this article to …

What Causes Tiny Scratches On My Car? We Give You 4 Reasons

We all grew up thinking that Washing our cars with a brush at the Car Wash or at Home was the norm. What nobody ever …

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