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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing involves the thorough cleaning of a two or three-wheeled motor vehicle. Services include hand washing, polishing, and protection. The steps involved are like Auto Detailing but require specialized attention to electronics. Unlike automobiles, low-pressure water is used to prevent damage. Compressed air is used to dry switches and other components. Specialized tools and brushes designed to reach tight spaces are a must. Plus Protection coatings are carefully applied as to prevent accidental slippage of the rider.

Whether you ride a Cruiser or Sports Bike, we have the skills & products necessary to maintain or bring your bike back to Showroom Condition. We are Motorcycle Owners our selves and understand that Motorcycles have so many intricate parts that need special attention. We spend as much time on our Motorcycle Details as we do when detailing Vehicles. 

Motorcycle Detailing Pricing

Deluxe Detailing


Starting At


  • Degrease Tires, Wheels & Wells
  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Spray Wax Protection & Shine
  • Wheel Protectant & Shine
  • Polish Aluminum & Chrome
  • Cockpit Detailed
  • Leather/Vinyl Protectant

Ultimate Detailing


Starting At


Includes Deluxe Detailing Package Plus:

  • Machine Polishing to remove fine scratches and swirl marks
  • Machine Applied Carnauba Wax for a deep gloss and UV Protection against the elements

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