Car Makeover – 02 Honda Accord EX

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Honda Keeps On Pushing

This Older Honda Accord was brought to the shop by a single mother that goes to UTSA. She had just purchased this vehicle but it was rough. The Exterior had a lot of Sap and Oxidation from never being washed. The interior seats were ripped and in really bad condition.

The first thing that we did was to find some seats at the salvage yard and replaced the ripped ones. We went ahead and did an Exterior Wash, Clay Polish & Gloss Enhancement Machine Polishing. We also did a complete Interior Deep Clean, Sanitation Process and Odor Removal. We did a 20-Point Inspection which includes making sure that all of the fluids are filled, Tire Pressure Check, Service Codes & Wiper Test. We filled the fluids, replaced the Wipers and the car was ready. For an older car, it now looks good, smells good and feels healthy while you’re driving it. The customer was super happy and now she can get to school without having to ride the bus.


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