3M™️ Color Stable Series Window Film

3M™ Color Stable Installation San Antonio

Installer doing installation of 3M Color Stable Tint 25%

3M™ Window Tint Major Benefits


Lifetime Warranty

All Installation are backed by Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty


99% UV Blocking

Total Sun Protection (SPF) of 1000 to protect your and your family



Color Stable Tints are Non-Metallized which makes them Signal-Friendly


Reduces Heat

Color Stable Films reject up to 57% of solar energy that comes in through your windows


Glare Reduction

Reduces up to 95% of blinding sunlight glare to keep you focused on the road 

3M™ Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series Details

Car window with Color Stable Tint Shades
The 3M Color Stable Film that matches manufacturer’s tint almost perfectly. May of our customers choose this tint when they are looking to match the factory’s window tint.
CS50 CS35 CS20 CS5
UV Rejection 99% 99% 99% 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 35% 40% 51% 57%
Glare Reduction 42% 56% 79% 90%

3M™ Color Stable Film Simulator

Our Simulator will help you choose your level of protection. Color Stable Films are available in different shades.

A Car with no window film installed

A Car with Color Stable Tint with 5% Shade

Car with Color Stable Tint with 20% Shade

A Sedan Car with Color Stable Tint with 35% Shade

A 4-door Car with Color Stable Tint with 50% Shade

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