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3M Window Tint Major Benefits


Reduces Heat

All 3M Films Block up to 99%  harmful UV Rays that can damage the skin


3M Non-Metallized

All 3M Tints are Non-Metallized which makes them Signal Friendly


Glare Reduction

Reduces up to 91% of blinding sunlight glare to keep you focused on the road 


Blocks 99% UV Rays

Total Sun Protection (SPF) of 1000 to protect your and your family


3M Lifetime Warranty

All Installation are backed by Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty

3M Window Film Types Available


The Obsidian Series Window Film is NOT an entry-level Tint. It is far more superior than many other lines that you might find. We only install the best. It incorporates 3M’s Patented Infuse Technology. Get better durability, fade-resistance & color retention.

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If you are looking for a tint that rivals factory-installed tint, then choose the 3M Color Stable Window Tint. This film provides excellent heat rejection, no signal interference and will never turn purple. It is a Nano-Carbon Polyester that looks amazing.

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The 3M Ceramic Series Film is a new line developed by this manufacturer. It provides excellent heat reduction & clarity. It retains its original color and appearance due to its advanced ceramic technology. You will get many years of satisfaction.

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If you are looking for the very best window film in the world, then the 3M Crystalline Window Tint is it. This film combines over 200 layers of materials and it is thinner than a Post-It Note. It provides ultimate protection and clarity.

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