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automotive paint & headlight restoration

Polish, Buff & Touch-Ups


Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the Process of Buffing & Polishing your Vehicle's Paint in order to remove Spider webbing, Light Scratches, Swirls & Holograms. Paint Correction can involve Multiple Steps to achieve the desired results.


Paint Touch-Ups

We offer a Fast & Simple way to repair Ugly Paint Chips & Deep Scratches instead of going to a Body Shop and paying hundreds to thousand of dollars. We offer a Touch-Up Paint Service to fill in Scratches & Chips that will look good from a normal distance & Protect the vehicle from Oxidation.


Headlight Restoration

Headlight Repair & Protection Recommended when Lights look foggy or unclear. We provide an extensive process which requires multiple level sanding & Protection Sealant to prevent yellowing

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