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Paint Touch-up evaluation

Our Paint Touch-Up Services require a Free Evaluation in order to provide  you with an accurate quote based on how many rock chips or scratches need to be touched up.

You can Call Us or Book your in-person Evaluation Online – This ensures that a Manager will be available at the time you bring your vehicle to our shop. You will be provided with an Estimate good for up to 5 days.

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Paint Touch-Up Service

Paint Touch-Up Detailing is the best way to cover up small Rock Chips & Scratches. We can make them less noticeable at an affordable price without having to go to a Paint Shop where you will be charged hundreds to thousands of dollars to re-paint the entire panel. Not to mention, you have to leave your Vehicle there for 2-3 days. The worst part is, that it’s bound to happen again as soon as you get back on the road.

Deep Scratch & Rock Chip Repair


Starting At

$65 & Up

We use the highest-quality products and materials for our minor Paint Repair Service. While we do not offer Collision Work, we do everything possible to Restore your car to its original look. Our mobile service repairs scuffs, scrapes, scratches, and paint damage on your car or bumper.

✓  Rock Chip Repair

✓  Deep Scratches

✓ Keyed Scratches

 Scuffs & Light Scratches


Paint Scratch Before


Paint Touch Up After

It is very important to Touch Up Scratches & Rock Chips as soon as possible to help protect those areas from rusting. Touch up will not make them disappear completely, like the more expensive conventional repair process of sanding and repainting, but will make them much less noticeable & most importantly, prevent Oxidation.

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