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San Antonio Car Detailing Services

Auto Detailing aka Car Detailing is a way to describe the thorough Cleaning of either a Vehicle’s Interior or Exterior. We understand the importance of Deep Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Protection. All of our San Antonio Car Detailing Packages provide all 3 important steps.

Deep Cleaning

We only use Quality Chemicals that won’t damage your Vehicle’s material. We Don’t use cheap Products that can cause damage to your Vehicle’s Upholstery, Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Glass or Paint. We Use Quality Tools like Soft Detailing Brushes, Toothpicks, Q-Tips and Microfiber Towels. These Tools will not only clean hard to reach areas, but they will not scratch or peel the finish. We only use Brand New Towels to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from one vehicle to another.
We use a Safe Degreaser, Brake Dust Remover, Iron Remover, and Bug Remover to deep clean a Vehicle’s Exterior. We then perform the 2-Bucket Luxury Hand Wash to prevent scratches and swirl marks. We use High-Quality Soaps designed to clean a Vehicle’s exterior without causing damage.

Interior Sanitation

Now that the vehicle has been deep cleaned, it does not mean that it’s sanitized. There could still be Germs, Bacteria and other Bodily Fluids Present. That is why we use a disinfecting product to wipe down the entire area. We leave the surface a bit damp to allow the product to kill whatever is present. Depending on the package chosen, we will also use a Dry Steam Cleaner. This process will kill 99.99% of all bacteria, germs, dust mites, etc.
We also use the Dry Steam Cleaner to blow out the Vents. This creates a Clean and Healthy Air Circulation when running the Heater or A/C.

Plastic, Vinyl, Leather & Paint Protection

Once the Vehicle is Clean and Sanitized, we will add a Layer of Protection to the Interior’s Plastic, Viny and Leather. We only use High Quality, Non-Shiny UV Protectant. This helps prevent the dashboard, plastics, and leather from cracking, peeling and discoloration. The Exterior’s Paint is also protected with a Wax Application. This helps prevent your Vehicle’s Clear Coat from Peeling. Plus we add a Plastic and Rubber Conditioner to the Tires, Rubber, and Plastics. This will help prevent cracking and discoloration.

San Antonio Auto Detailing