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Engine Detailing Services in San Antonio, TX

At San Antonio Auto Detailing, we often get asked, Should I get my Engine Detailed?
The answer is yes. Grease and dirt tend to accumulate around components that are important for your vehicle’s performance. Especially Pulleys and Bearings can get damaged over time, needing replacement. A clean Engine allows you or your mechanic to keep an eye on potential problems. If caught early, it can save you hundreds of dollars. For example, you might not be able to see an Oil Leak at first with a dirty Engine.

Another main reason to get your Engine Detailed is that it helps maintain it’s Resale Value. A Clean Engine can be a sign of a well-maintained vehicle.

We take extra precaution when Detailing an Engine. We cover Electrical Components of the Engine with plastic bags. These include the Alternator, Fuse Box and Battery to prevent any issues.

We then use a Quality Engine Degreaser along with Specialty Brushes to scrub the entire Engine Bay. We pay special attention to areas where Dirt and Grease tend to accumulate.

The Engine is then rinsed with a low-pressure water hose to remove all the Grease and Dirt. Once it’s completely rinsed off, we will use a Detailing Blower to dry the Engine.

The last step involves using a Quality Rubber/Vinyl Protectant with a Matte Finish. This Protectant is applied to the entire Engine area.

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