Headlight Restoration Service Category

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San Antonio Headlight Restoration Services

Headlight Restoration is the process of removing a layer of old, dull and yellow Factory Coating from a Vehicle’s Headlights.

The Old Coating is removed with different grades of sandpaper. We usually start with a 600 Grit Sandpaper and finish with a 2000 Grit. Once the headlights are sanded, we follow up with a Machine Polishing using Meguiar’s M105 Compound. It is then followed up with Meguiar’s Polish to that will leave a Clear and Visible Finish.

The Headlights are then protected by either spraying a layer of Clear Coat or covering it with Clear Paint Protection Film. This will help prevent the Headlights from yellowing again.

Clear Headlights can improve Night Visibility up to 90% – Stay Safe while updating the look of your vehicle with our Headlight Restoration Service.

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