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San Antonio Leather Treatment Services

Our Leather Treatments begin with a thorough Vacuum & Wipe Down of the seats to remove large particles, debris, food, etc.

Treatment Application

An application of Rejuvenator Oil will be deliberately applied to all the Leather surfaces with a Sponge. The Product will be massaged into the Leather.

Rejuvenation Process

We will then let the vehicle sit in the sun with the windows rolled up in order to create somewhat of a steam room effect. This process will allow the Rejuvenator to pull out all of the dirt, grime, toxins and air pollution to the surface. This process takes about 12 hours or so.

Final Leather Cleaning

After the product has had time to do its magic. The Leather is cleaned with a specific type of leather cleaner. We use soft microfiber towels along with soft brushes to completely remove the Rejuvenator.

Your vehicle’s leather will be clean, feel soft and look better than ever.

San Antonio Auto Detailing