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San Antonio Paint Correction Service

Paint Correction is a process used by professionals to address the issues associated with a vehicle’s paint finish. Light scratches, swirl marks, water spots, etching, and oxidation can develop on a vehicle’s paint surface. These can cause the paint to look dull and hazy.

Cleaners, Clay, Compounds, and Polishes are used to improve the paint’s finish. As long as the damage does not surpass the paint’s top layer known as the clear coat. Different techniques and machines are used to correct these imperfections.

What Causes these Issues?

Some of these issues cannot be avoided because they are caused by natural elements such as tree sap, bird droppings, dust, and rain. If any of these substances are left on a vehicle’s paint surface, they can cause irreversible damage to the clear coat.

Micro scratches are also caused by doing the very thing that our vehicles were designed to do. Road grit, grime, and tar can also damage a vehicle’s surface.

Some of the above causes, although unavoidable can be reduced by washing our vehicles frequently in order to remove the substance before it has had time to etch into the clear coat.

But what can cause the most damage like scratches and swirl marks is the process of washing our vehicles. Things like rough towels and brushes cause the most damage when it comes to micro-scratching and swirl marks.

Also, improper washing, cheap chemicals, and automated car washes are the leading cause of these imperfections.

If the vehicle in question, has a layer of protection such as wax, sealant, ceramic coating or paint protection film, these substances cause less damage to the surface.

Correcting The Problem

The process of correcting the damage made by the above causes is what Paint Correction is all about. Before any type of correction can commence, the vehicle’s surface must be squeaky clean. All dirt and grime must be removed by washing the vehicle. Once the paint has been properly washed and thoroughly dried. The surface must be decontaminated with a Clay Bar and Iron Remover.

An assessment must be made before any work begins. A Paint Depth Gauge is used to measure the thickness of the Clear Coat to determine the amount of work that can be performed regardless of the condition. LED Lights are used to mimic the effect of sunlight to visually inspect the surface imperfections.

A Paint Correction Specialist will identify the process that can be used that will cause the least damage to the vehicle’s clear coat while obtaining optimal results. This process of elimination is often done by performing A/B Testing in less conspicuous areas.

Once the process is determined, the detailer will begin to perform the correction. The time it takes to finish the job can vary due to the size of the vehicle, the number of steps needed and the process chosen to achieve the maximum results. This can take anywhere between a couple of hours to various days to complete. Most Paint Correction services are completed within 4 to 8 hours.

Final Step After Correction

Once the Paint Correction has been completed, the surface is wiped down with alcohol. This removes excessive oil & polish, revealing the true finish. The Paint will have a shiny, mirror look.

A layer of protection must be added to protect the paint’s new finish. Paint Protection Coatings will last anywhere between 3 months up to 5 years depending on the product used.

If you are looking for Paint Correction Service in San Antonio, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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