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Paint Protection Fim Service in San Antonio, TX

Paint Protection Film is also known as the Clear Bra. This Protection Fim helps keep your vehicle looking better for longer. It has a high-impact resistance to rock chips and scratches caused by Road Debris. Since it’s made form Urethane, it is also resistant to chemical stains and etching caused by bird droppings and bug splatter. But with all these positive features, it is not perfect. You should continue your regular maintenance after the install. Scheduled Detailing Services are a must. Remove bird droppings and bug splatter asap. Use a Protective Coating like a Wax, Sealant or Ceramic Coating. These Coatings will protect your Film from the elements including harmful UV Rays. Paint Protection Film is usually applied to the front bumper/grill area. Many of our customers get it installed in high impact areas. These areas include door handles, door edges, and trunk key areas.

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