We Keep Our Home Clean & Disinfected. What about our Cars?

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Dirty Car with Food

We all know the importance of keeping our House Clean & Disinfected for the safety of our Family. We research and buy the best products on the market to help us do that. We also know how important it is to use clean towels & proper disinfecting sprays. This sterilizes the main surfaces that we touch daily, like doorknobs & restrooms. This helps prevent the spread of germs & bacteria, during the flu season.

But do we follow the same procedures when it comes to our vehicles?

Most people do not. Most people never disinfect their vehicles. Plus they make matters worse when they take them to regular Car Wash Facilities that use the same rags over and over again on the same vehicles. These Facilities are spreading around germs, bacteria and other fluids causing people to get sick daily. Just because a vehicle looks clean doesn’t mean that it’s disinfected.

So How Do We Disinfect our Vehicles?

A Reputable Detailing Shop will know and understand this fact. They will take precautions when providing interior detailing. Premier or High-end Detail shops know how to clean and disinfect a customer’s vehicle. They do this by utilizing the proper Tools, Chemicals & Procedures. Below we will outline a few of the tools required to do a proper interior cleaning.

Clean Towels are Essential when Cleaning a Car’s Interior

We will start with what may seem like the obvious. Clean Towels. A vehicle should be cleaned with brand new microfiber towels to avoid spreading germs, bacteria, and disease. An Interior should be wiped down with a quality, safe, bacteria cleaning solution not only once but twice. The first pass gets all the dirt, food, fluids, and other substances. While the second pass (with a new towel) helps disinfect the surface. The surface should be left damp for the solution to kill what’s there.

Interior Detailing with Special Brush

Quality Brushes & Q-tips Used For Cleaning

In most cases, it is not enough to use a towel when cleaning interiors. Tiny Brushes and brand new Q-tips will remove stuck food, dirt & dust from cracks, slits & knobs. This process will disinfect those tiny areas. These not so visible areas can develop harmful bacteria if left untouched.

Nitrile Gloves Do More Than Look Cool

It is important to wear Detailing Gloves when cleaning an interior. Not only do they protect you from harsh chemicals but they can keep you from getting sick as well. Heavy Duty Black Nitrile Gloves can also help prevent cuts caused by sharp objects.

Quality Chemicals Serve 2 Purposes

Some Car Wash Facilities will try to cut costs by using cheap products that are harmful to people. Quality Interior Detailing products that are free of VOCs, NPEs, Fragrances, and dyes should be used to avoid harming people. Cheap products are not designed to kill germs and bacteria and can leave harmful fumes.

Dry Steam Cleaners That Kill

Powerful Dry Steam Cleaners can kill 99.9% of Germs & Dust Mites that can keep people sick year-round. Not only from colds and flu’s but from allergies. A Steam Cleaner not only loosens dirt and grime but should be used once the vehicle is wiped clean. This will disinfect the surfaces. It can and should also be used to blow steam into the vents of the vehicle to keep the air circulation healthy.

Your Vehicle May Be Making You Sick (All the time)

50 Million Americans suffer from allergies, according to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. We spend millions of dollars on Allergy Medicine & Cleaning Products each year. We spend countless hours keeping our home environments healthy. But most of us forget about our vehicles or don’t realize the importance of keeping them disinfected, dust & mold-free. Our Vehicles have many small areas where Mold & Mildew can accumulate causing us to be sick all the time.


Our vehicles are packed with Dust Mites, Human Dead Skin & Spoiled Food. We must take the steps necessary to get them cleaned and disinfected at least every 3 months. This will allow us to stay healthy and feeling good when driving our vehicles.


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