Automotive 10-Point Inspection

We love providing quality detailing services for our customers. One of the major reasons for getting premium detailing is to raise or maintain the value of your vehicle. So we are providing a quality 10-Point Inspection to keep you safe on the road. 
Here area a few key points on why frequent inspections are so important.

  • Finding Oil or Fluid Leaks early can prevent expensive repairs
  • Correct Tire Pressure saves on gas mileage
  • Checking Tire Pressure can prevent accidents
  • Having bad Wiper Blades can prevent visibility during bad weather
  • Working Headlights, Brakes & Turn Signals can prevent accidents and a ticket
  • Engine Codes can give you an idea if there’s anything wrong
Vehicle Inspection at San Antonio Auto Detailing Shop

inspection points

power steering fluid check - san antonio auto detailing2

Power Steering Fluid Check

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saautodetailing oil level check

Oil Level Check

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saautodetailing tire pressure check

Tire Pressure Check & Fill

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Antifreeze and Coolant Check

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tire thread check

Tire Thread Check

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automatic-transmission fluid check

Transmission Fluid Check

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headlight-tailight icon

Headlight, Brake & Turn Signal Check

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saautodetailing wiper inspection

Wiper Blade Check

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check engine codes icon

Engine Codes Check

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Spare Tire Check

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points Checked with our full Detailing Packages

✔️  Oil Level Check
✔️ Tire Pressure Check & Fill
✔️  Power Fluid Check
✔️  Antifreeze and Coolant Check
✔️  Tire Thread Check

✔️  Transmission Fluid Check
✔️  Headlight, Brake & Turn Signal Check
✔️  Wiper Blade Check
✔️  Engine Codes Check
✔️  Spare Tire Check

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