Coronavirus (COVID-19) Containment & Prevention Car Detailing Policy

As a leader in Advanced Car Detailing. San Antonio Auto Detailing is taking the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus very seriously. We are committed to keeping our San Antonio Community safe.
Along with our Advanced Car Detailing and Extreme Disinfecting add-on services, we are taking the following steps:
  • Any member of our staff will be sent home if they are feeling sick. This is strictly enforced if they show any sign of coronavirus.
  • As always, our detailers are required to wear brand new gloves every time they come in contact with a customer’s vehicle.
  • Our Detailers are also required to wash their hands throughout the day. Our bathrooms are supplied with Antibacterial Soap and Hand Sanitizer.
  • Our staff is not allowed to shake hands with customers to prevent the spread of (COVID-19)
  • As always, every single detailing service is performed with brand new microfiber towels.
  • As always every interior car cleaning is sanitized to keep you and your family safe and healthy.
We also offer a complete disinfecting Add-On Service. We use EPA’s Registered Disinfectants which are used against SARS-COV-2, the cause of COVID-19.
If you have any questions about our precautions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, please contact us.
San Antonio Auto Detailing