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What Is A Professional Detail?

A Pro Detailing Package provides a thorough cleaning that you won’t get at a Car Wash.
Your Vehicle is packed with Germs, Bacteria, Dust Mites & Mold. It must be sanitized & protected with High-Quality Products that will not harm your car or your health. A Basic, Pro Detail gets the following:

Interior Detailing
Cleans, Disinfects, Removes Dust, Removes Odor and Protects. 
Safe & High-Quality Products with Brand-New Towels to avoid spreading Germs & Bacteria.

Exterior Detailing
Degrease, Decontaminate, Wash & Protect.
Quality Products & Techniques that won’t scratch your paint. UV Protection to keep paint from fading

What Do I Get with My $149 Full Detail Package?

Interior Detailing

Dust Removal

Complete Blow-Out of Vents, Seats & Carpets with Compressed Air

Carpet Deep Clean

Thorough Dirt & Dust Removal with Power Brush & Shop Vac to get deep into Fibers

Interior Sanitation

Thorough Clean & Disinfect of Seats, Dashboard, Center Console & Door Panels

UV Protectant

Quality Non-Greasy Conditioner applied. Mirrors and Windows Cleaned

Exterior Detailing


Thorough Degrease of all exterior components – Tire, Wheels, Wheel Wells, Bumpers etc.


Bug & Tar Removal of Exterior Components with a Foam Pre-Soak Disinfectant

Luxury Hand Wash

2-Bucket Safe Hand Wash System to thoroughly clean without scratching Paint

Dry & Wax

Vehicle is dried with Microfiber Towels plus a Carnauba Wax Spray for UV Protection

Is Your Car Making You Sick?

What Are The Side-Effects Of Dirty Cars?

Colds & Flu's

A Dirty Car can easily spread a Cold and Flu. Keeping you and your family sick and taking longer to recover from these illnesses.

Upset Stomachs

Dirty Vehicles create Bacteria that can spread Gastrointestinal Illnesses like Norovirus. This can cause Nausea, Vomiting and Stomach Pains.


Dust Mites & Mold can develop under seats & inside Vents. Every time that you turn on your Heater or A/C, you can have an Allergy Attack without realizing why.

Why Our Vehicles Are So Dirty

They Never get Cleaned

We spend countless hours in our vehicles. We sweat and perspire leaving dead skin on a daily basis. We get sick and touch everything. We pick up the kids from sports. Some of us have pets that travel in our vehicles. Plus most of us eat in our cars and we leave food to rot inside.

Yet up to 85% of Vehicles never get disinfected. Most people just do a quick wipe down, slap some armor-all and call it a day. A Vehicle should be professionally detailed at least every 3 months.

Improper Cleaning

We take our vehicles to cleaning facilities that are not designed to provide professional detailing. In order to save money, they use cheap products that are harmful to our health. They use the same towels over and over again. Spreading Germs, Bacteria and other bodily fluids from car to car. 

Plus Cheap products damage the materials in our vehicles. Everyday we get leather seats that have been completely ruined because someone used the wrong products.

What Else Does Your Shop Offer?

Clean & Safe Environment

Customer Waiting Area at San Antonio Auto Detailing, LLC

We are Family-Owned & Operated. We provide a safe & friendly environment for our customers. We want you to be comfortable when you visit our Shop. Plus we offer Free Wifi while you wait.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

sa auto detailing guarantee3

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will do a walk-through with you before you pay. If you are not happy, we will gladly correct the issue. Plus we have a 48 Hour Rain Check Guarantee. If it rains after your detail, we will wash your car for free.

10-Point Vehicle Inspection

For a Limited Time, we are offering a Free 10-Point Inspection with every full detail package. We wan you to be safe on the road. We check tire pressure, fluids, wiper blades and more. We will provide a report when you pick up your car.

What Our Customer's Are Saying

Leonard Gonzales
Leonard Gonzales
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I Can’t thank the guys enough for getting my truck looking right! Paid close attention to detail on the inside and out, will definitely be using them again!
Salah Ismail
Salah Ismail
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Took my car to get a full paint correction done and I can’t say enough about how fantastic it came out thanks again and keep up the amazing work guys!
Katlyn Dawn
Katlyn Dawn
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This place is awesome, Evan is always super helpful and caring! You can tell he loves what he does and really does care about making sure you’re satisfied with your car! Great place to visit for any detailing of any car!!! Super clean and friendly auto shop as well
Spencer Perry
Spencer Perry
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I had some serious stains that other detailing places said they couldn't completely remove and San Antonio Auto Detailing were able to remove all of the stains COMPLETELY!! i highly recommend taking your vehicles to them for any kind of auto detailing work.
valerie beltran
valerie beltran
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San Antonio Auto Detailing is awesome!!! Evan has great customer service. My car was filthy and I got my car back looking like it was brand new!!! 10/10 recommend!
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